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The Institute of Noetic Sciences KnowledgeCenter is providing a central hub for a larger network of web communities contributing and accessing content from the main knowledgebase. Our goal is to bring experts and perspectives from a variety of fields into a central conversation that ultimately leads to new breakthroughs and understandings.

If you are affiliated with an organization that has a web community discussing topics related to consciousness, human nature, spirituality, planetary transformation or the human potential, we can provide a node to the KnowledgeCenter that would appear on your website. Pages displaying content generated by your community will appear with links back to your site, and the entire IONs KnowledgeCenter contents will be accessible form your site.

To explore the possibilities of forming an affiliation, sponsoring a forum, or hosting a KnowledgeCenter on your own Website, contact:

Michael Heumann
KnowledgeFilter Inc.

(707) 823-4725

or by email to: michael04 (at)

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