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How to contribute content to the KnowledgeCenter

To submit your own ideas, experiences and opinions under the appropriate topic heading, simply locate the appropriate topic and use the "Submit New Content" button at the left. Type or paste your contribution into the field provided. Comments can be added to existing postings by selecting "add comments" while viewing any posting.

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Pro and con comments are sorted by agreement level under each article, allowing you to weigh the best evidence or arguments on both sides of controversial issues and add your own perspective. Each topic includes a resources section for posting and exploring the topics in more detail. The hierarchical search function allows you to quickly find groups of articles or discussions on any given topic. Links to books and media products associated with each posting are provided. Please support the institute by purchasing products you are interested in, online!

Please browse the existing postings before posting to see if it would be more appropriate to add comments to an existing posting. Also browse the comments for an item before adding your own. Clicking the agree or disagree button after an exisitng comment causes it to rise toward the top of the comment list which has a greater effect than adding a redundant or similar comment. User profile fields are optional.

You may also add links to other Web-resources in the field provided. Please do not post commercial or offensive content. This site is democratically moderated. Please report inappropriate postings by using the "moderator alert" link at the end of each content page.

The KnowledgeCenter uses an open source submission, annotation and filtering process to gather and compile the collective knowledge and experience of individuals and organizations across academic and cultural boundaries. The system facilitates personal access to relevant ideas, while allowing individuals to contribute their unique pieces to the emerging picture. You are invited to add to the pool of knowlege with articles, papers, theories and alternative explanations on any topic and to weigh in with your own views and perspectives. Your feedback and annotations to existing content influences which articles rise to the top of postings within topic. Articles can be custom sorted by interest, accuracy, clarity and corroboration (comment support).

Content Sources The forums have been seeded with hundreds of IONS articles by noted authors. Visionary scientists and thinkers like Ken Wilbur, Deepak Chopra, David Bohm, Joan Borysenko, Jeffrey Mishlove, Stan Grof, Norman Cousins, Dean Ornish, Willis Harmon, Michael Murphy, Charles Tart, Marilyn Schlitz and others lay the foundation for the KnowledgeCenter forum.We invite individuals, researchers and organizations to join the conversation on this site or by providing submission and access nodes to the IONS KnowledgeCenter from affiliate websites.

More about KnowledgeCenter Software
The KnowledgeCenter is designed to facilitate:

    • Collectively brainstorming and productive dialog leading to new insights
    • The inter-disciplinary cross-validation and testing of ideas
    • Access to multiple perspectives and ways of understanding a given topic
    • Public access to new discoveries currently sequestered in research journals
    • The collective creation of a living owner's guide to the human mind/body/spirit